Only by being inclusive, can we reach the heights we’re all striving to achieve – together.

White is a proud member of the Interpump Group, a dynamic global business specialised in hydraulic fluid power and high-pressure pumps. We’re building a new legacy that will help us to perform to higher heights while strengthening our reputation and relationships with our customers worldwide.
Having a strong foundation based on our vision and values, White operate with an experienced and skilled workforce who are committed to delivering value to our customers every day.
It’s who we are.


To advance a world in motion, powered by our people’s capabilities while ensuring sustainability.


To be a leading provider of advanced solutions that drive our stakeholders forward.


Our core values of Passion, Inclusive, Agile and Innovative, help guide us throughout our business.


Our Curve of Ambition represents our guiding principles in the things that make us different, successful, and proud, while being the best we can be and by doing the right thing at all times.
It’s the culmination of our purpose, vision and values that steer us toward a better future, together.


We support and develop our people to be the best they can be in a safe working environment.

  • By aiming high at all times we aspire to greater things.
  • Living our values daily, we strengthen our culture and retain our dignity.
  • Our quest for innovation, ensures we never stand still, helping us to compete and stay ahead.
  • By applying a lean mindset, we eliminate wasteful activities, consciously driving value to our stakeholders.
  • We embrace failure and learn from our mistakes.
  • We enjoy what we do and have fun.

We take a long-term view toward our customers, allowing us to prosper together and deepen relationships.

  • We endeavour to collaborate where possible, working in partnership strengthens our working relationships.
  • We strive to be ‘easy to do business with’.
  • We apply capabilities to foster the ultimate experience.

Our strapline together in motion is the glue that strengthens our belief that by being inclusive, we can operate openly and in collaboration with others for the benefit of all.

This way of being fosters stronger working relationships with our stakeholders and inspires our people to work as one.

And as a people company, we continue to invest in the potential and development of all our valued employees. With a clear purpose and vision, supported by engaging values, we have created a culture that respects one another while looking to grow and prosper, together.