Use of the substances mentioned in the list is accepted for analytical purposes by skilled personnel in chemical laboratories under controlled conditions. The RoHS-restrictions are on each homogeneous material in the product, which means that the limits do not apply to the weight of the finished product. The substances that are included in Annex XIV are still present on the Candidate List in this document.

Columns in White Negative list:
1. CAS means “Chemical Abstract Service”, an internationally accepted system for identifying chemical substances
2. Name(s) of substances
3. Typical examples of where you find the substance(s)
4. Legislation – reference given to International conventions and protocols, EU legislation (Directives, Regulations and Decisions), national legislation or due to WHITE decision
5. Other comments – reference to national legislation cited, if relevant
6. Status: R = restricted, D = declarable
7. Substance group
8. Expiry date refers to REACH Annex XIV
9. Latest application date also refers to the REACH Authorization process
10. Inclusion date is the date the substance was added to the REACH Candidate List

Maximum allowable concentration is 0.1% (w/w) if not otherwise stated. The maximum allowable concentration for banned substances describes naturally occurring contaminations and not intentionally added substances.